VRTP Features

VRTP is based on FreeSWITCH which is a open source telephony platform.

While developing VRTP we have made sure not to compromise reliability of the platform while making it very user friendly and a ideal tool for VoIP Wholesale business.

VRTP has all the basic features which can be found in any other switch. Apart from those we have worked hard to develop some of the functionalities which are critical to the business and are not at all available or may be available but not at affordable cost. We are mentioning key features which differentiates us from other switches below.

  • Customer Target matching either by destination code or by destination name for single or multiple destinations at once: While matching targets you don’t necessarily need to find a destination code corresponding to destination name provided by customer. You can simply insert destination name in order to get vendors available below customer’s target rate. If you have received a LCR file from customer then you can simply upload it and the matching algorithm will generate results in a excel file for all destinations at once.
  • Vendor Offer Comparison either by destination code or by destination name for single or multiple destinations at once: Logic mentioned in above point is applied while comparing vendor offers with currently available vendors.
  • Advanced Real-time Stats viewing capability: By a single click you can see destinations on which customer is sending traffic and which vendor is completing calls for a particular destination. In the same way you can see destinations on which a particular vendor is receiving traffic and which customer is sending traffic for a particular destination. This is just one of the examples of several useful stats/reports that can be generated by VRTP.
  • More Access to sales people while maintaining data privacy: On VRTP we can assign a particular customer/vendor account to a sales person. When a sales person logs in to the system he can access the accounts assigned to him and check their credit limit, balance, traffic sent by his customers, traffic sent to his vendors and moreover he can create a rate sheet for his customers and send it directly from his portal and rates are uploaded automatically.
  • Customer self service portal: Customers can log in to their portal not only to see their balance and cdrs but they can also buy a particular destination and also create routing for that destination directly from their portal.

Other VRTP Features:


(i) Real time billing of calls up to microseconds

(ii) Increment Billing

(iii) Multiple billing cycles (Daily, Weekly, Biweekly and Monthly) or any custom billing period

(iv) PDF Invoice Generation for any period

(v) CDR report generation along with invoices

(vi) Directly sending invoice and CDR report to customers

(vii) Multiple payment entry options available

(viii) Check Payment History by customer/vendor



(i) Unlimited Tariffs Creation

(ii) Quality type association with tariff

(iii) User friendly rate upload via .csv file

(iv) Destination code validation

(v) Set up routing priority by destination code

(vi) Manually change the rates for single/multiple destination codes at once without file upload

(vii) Search option available by destination code and destination name

(viii) Rates are updated (Increase/decrease/delete) by effective date mentioned during file upload

(ix) Increment set up per destination code

(x) Automatic report is generated and sent to desired email after rates are uploaded with status for each destination code (Increase/decrease/delete/new)



(i) Call routing by price

(ii) Call routing by vendor priority in LCR

(iii) Call routing by destination code priority in vendor tariff

(iv) Percentage call routing per destination

(v) Unlimited routing creation

(vi) Assign multiple routing options to customer with the help to prefixes

(vii) Get multiple routing from vendors and differentiate them with prefixes

(viii) SIP Protocol Support

(ix) Codec Transcoding Option Available

(x) T.38 Fax Support

(xi) Facility to add SIM Gateways and route calls directly

(xii)  Limit customer traffic by total ports or sessions allowed

(xiii) Block calls if destination number is less than n digits or more than n digits for a particular customer

(xiv) Block calls coming from a particular caller id for a particular customer


Monitoring & Troubleshooting:

(i) FreeSWITCH status check feature

(ii) Active Calls viewer to check active calls running on server

(iii) Trace Calls by destination number for any period

(iv) Detailed CDRs including various details like codecs, PDD, Customer Rate, Vendor Rate, Vendor Charge, Vendor Details at one place

(v) Real time statistics by Destination/Customer/Vendor

(vi) Download statistics report by Destination/Customer/Vendor for any period

(vii) Customer/Vendor Account Information Search by IP


Sales Management:

(i) Customer target matching by destination name and destination code one by one

(ii) Match multiple targets either by destination name or by destination code using file upload

(iii) Vendor offer matching by destination name and destination code one by one

(iv) Compare multiple offers either by destination name or by destination code using file upload

(v) Check target/offer search history by customer/vendor

(vi) Directly create custom rate sheet, send out to customers and update on customer tariff as well


Customer/Vendor Portal:

(i) Check CDRs

(ii) Check currently active routing details

(iii) Check currently active rates

(iv) Check Invoices (In case of customers)

(v) Check balance

(vi) Target matching either by destination name or by destination code (In case of customers)

(vii) Check Payment History

(viii) Check statistics by destination

(ix) Buying destination directly from portal